Driving to South Akumal From the Cancun Airport

When staying in Akumal, you will find that rental automobiles provide an economical form of transportation in and around the town. You can take the direct route and go from the Cancun airport to Akumal via Highway #307.

Akumal is an easy drive on a well-maintained four lane divided highway from the Cancun airport. We are located 100 kilometers south of the airport, which equals to a 1 to 1½ hour drive.

From the airport, take the first right exit to Highway 307. Just follow the Playa del Carmen exit signs south onto the roadway. There is a Pemex station and McDonald's on the right just after getting on 307 if you need gas or a snack. In 20 minutes, you can stop at Puerto Morelos for gas or a convenience store. Although many filling stations are available in Mexico, it's always a good idea to stop if you have less than a quarter of a tank of gas left.

Further along highway 307, you will pass through Playa del Carmen. There are many eateries here as well as mega supermarkets. Don't go over 80 kph as they use radar extensively. And watch out for topes (speed bumps)! They love them in this whole area.

After you pass Puerto Aventuras, you are only 10 minutes from the Akumal overpass.

To get to South Akumal check your odometer at the overpass in Akumal and travel exactly 4 kilometers past Akumal to the return at Bahia Principe and then go back towards Akumal for 2 kilometers where you will see the drive for South Akumal (Akumal Sur).

If you want to go to North Akumal just make a U-turn at the first returno after the overpass and then turn right at the overpass. When entering the village of Akumal, you will pass an information stand. This stand is an ideal place to pick up a regional map of the area for current and future reference during your private transport from cancun airport trip!

Just before the Arch, you will see the Super Chomack on your right, and Mulgren's Lavenderia, Oshun Boutique, and Minisuper Las Palmas on your left. The outdoor market may be open, and is a good area to buy some fresh produce for a sample of the local fare. If you failed to make reservations before arriving in Akumal, the information stand will also be able to send you to a good local establishment.

Something to note about the drivers in Mexico is that observing stop signs is considered optional. Taxicabs seem to have the right of way, and it is best to just stay patient and let the other drivers to do what they wish.

Defensive driving is the most important skill when operating a car in and around Akumal. If you feel afraid driving in a foreign land, perhaps you should hire a taxi driver.

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